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I started to use 35mm films in 2013 after getting a Nikon FE from 1979. It became an absolute passion, a chance to be documenting and maping life, to capture what inspires me. I also see this activity as good way to train my eyes to catch details. Observe our world trying to get the best proportion and composition in the frame. Be spontaneous to catch my impressions or the comic of a situation. I like to be surprised by the serenity of a landscape or the irony of scene.

I'm now using different cameras and films. I like to take time to contemplate, consider things with softness. Walking and cycling a lot, travelling a bit, to explore places, I had the chance to meet a lot of people and atmospheres, to see all kind of lanscapes and lights. I like to go and go back to a spot, observe the light or the crowd at different time of the day, trying to understand the place and to be captured by it. My photographs are usually trying to chatch the horizontality of every places, to graphically build the pictures by using lights and colors of the scene, almost to re-create a 2D aspect in a 3D world. The complementary nature of photography and painting, has allowed me to examine some suggestion of reality in my paintings, and some abstraction in the reality of my photographs.

- Photos are not retouched, simply scanned from the films -

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