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THESIS /  Dandyism - The elegance of essential in a quest for sustainability


My first question was : How, as a designer, can I apply to automotive, a Dandy ethics and aesthetics ?  This philosophy defended distinction, refinement, the nonconformity, the revolt, elegance but also the superiority of beauty and art. Art, the ultimate aesthetic experience involving all human emotions, allowing to put men in motion, make them dream, love, shiver of pleasure, as to trouble them, make them cry. Art expresses himself from ecstasy to horror, like automotive.

I wanted to talk about he beauty which can be hiden in mechanics, art and crafts, and a very dandy idea: luxury rather than comfort. The principle of choosing his luxury, follow an ascetic to find balance of pleasure. I really liked the parallel with the world’s best cameras Leica, only simple mechanics designed by high precision machines, with the only idea to support and create art and poetry.

From this dissertation, I’ve been working on the automotive archetype, the essential car but not low-cost. Simple with a minimum of function like a Leica, so around the less is more, less but better. In a way it was redefining what luxury is. Luxury is about rarity, and in our society we’re missing time, things that last and poetry. I decided to look for a timeless poetry serving durabality.

BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio extended25.jpg

MORGAN - 4 + /  less for more


The Morgan - 4 + is a 2+2 coupé. I see in it the future Morgan, an archetypal car which has all the essence of a Morgan, long hood, voluptuous hips, remote cockpit. I wanted to define a smooth design, thinking only about timeless curve and volume but modern reflect and cutting. I was looking for lightness, refinement, elegance. I wanted to play with symmetry, a non-ostentatious charism, kind of an elegant sobriety, and a receding back. 

BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio 2019_25.jpg
BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio 2019_25.jpg
BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio 2019_25 copie.jpg
Rendu exter FINAL 2.jpg
BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio extended27.jpg

MORGAN - 4 + /  less for more

I wanted the interior simple with a minimum of function, like Leica, for the handiness and to be more focused on the pleasure of cruising, but well conceived with noble and locally produced materials to be more sustainable. Ash wood, cotton canvas and leather. In terms of shape, some very simple volume, not minimalist but essential to focus the attention on details. As for the exterior, I wanted to show some parts of the chassis, so the customer can feel a little bit how his or her car is made.

BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio 2019_26.jpg
BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio extended28 copie.
Vue inter général - 2019.jpg
BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio 2019_26 copie.jpg
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