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Miscellaneous 2020-2021 Bicycle Concept Sketches



January and February 2021 have been super busy but I wanted to have a little sketching project going. The idea was that in a near future we may see cycling highways develop (it already exist in the Netherdland) which will allow longer bicycle commute. Having that in mind, I wanted to sketch a nervous and futuristic looking e-bike, with both sport and urban cycling inspirations. I imagined a full-carbon body with some copper integration and minimalstic functional details (e.g. wireless brakes). On the same base, I've done two versions. A first version with a storage area between the legs defined by a copper frame. The second one is a bit sportier. The copper inserts are more like accents to work with the strong colour split. A mix of fixie and concept car inspirations, for fun and stylish street races.

BIANCHI C4 HOMAGE - Free Sketching (09.2020)


Giro d'Italia was about to start and I wanted to sketch a little homage to the beautiful Bianchi C4.

I was imagining the composants to mainly be in carbon fibre, the frame to be painted in a rainbow chromaflair going from pink to tuquoise so using Giro's and Bianchi's colours. Half way between cyling track and time trial, I wanted the bike to be super aero and a little muscly. That the bike's nervosity is visible in its body and shape while showing some elegance and simplicity.

LAPIERRE TdF - Free sketching (08.2020)

I wanted to sketch some racing bikes prior to the start of the Tour de France 2020.

I decided to go for Lapierre and to design a bicycle balanced between aero and enduro. Slim and nervous, athletic like a professional cyclist. Dark blue carbon fibre france & wheels with Tour de France yellow details. Hope it could make a good bike for climbers.

TIME SPORT Concept sketches - Free Sketching (05.2020)

In May 2020, thanks to the great weather, I’ve been riding my bike a lot and also took some time to sketch a few Time Cycling concepts.

Time Coureur - concept of a track / time trial bicycle for Time

Time Randonneur - concept of a gravel / bikepacking bicycle for Time

Time Flaneur - concept of an electric city bicycle for Time

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