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My work is based on emotional projection, I try to reach an emotion, feel it, live it and carve this onto the canvas. In the application phase, I treat the entire surface with brushes or sponges but also materials and tools that are not generally found in art shops, or recycled. I am trying to utilise tools differently in order to find new textures and relief. I confront darkness and light, looking for contrast to sublimate colours. 


Working since 2010 in confined areas, the notions of oppression and the need to escape are omnipresent in my work. There is always a confrontation in my paintings. Either in the words of the title or the colours and textures. My emotions are my motivation; the feeling of a place, a moment, a poem or an idea. Travelling, taking time to wander and spending time learning about new cultures is feeding my creativity as much as listening to music and reading.

My paintings are available on SaatchiArt


- Gallery 508, Chelsea, London, 2020-2021

- Artist Open Houses, Brighton, UK - November-December 2019

- Phoenix Brighton, Brighton, UK - October 2019

- Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester, UK - March 2018

- Espace Paul Jargot, Crolles, France - April 2014

- Galerie Eliane Poggi, Grenoble, France - September 2011 to December 2013

- GEART exhibition, Grenoble, France - April 2011

- Mairie de Crolles, Crolles, France - Autumn 2010

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