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Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS E-Bike liveries (2020-2023)

Ryuger bikes connected with me end of 2020 to create sketches & liveries for their new Full Carbon Monocoque E-Bike, the Eidolon BR-RTS. For now I've designed 3 liveries: Acid Avocado, Space Racing and Muscle Orange. The Acid Avocado livery was eventually purchased by William James Adams Jr., known professionally as I also created one bike with a Mclaren livery, which was a special commission for F1 driver D. Ricciardo (see sketch below).

I designed graphics to amplify the sleek aerodynamic lines of the bike and the aggressive girder carbon forks. For the colour combination, I wanted it to be dynamic, fresh and modern to compliment the bike's personality. The first bike out of the workshop was virtually presented at the Tapei Bike Show 2021 and the other liveries will be out of the paintshop soon.


Check out more about Ryuger here

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