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After studying art, design and car design for 5 years, experiences at Louis Vuitton and Hermes, 5 years at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, 2 years as Freelance designer, I'm now CMF Design Manager at Li Auto.

Firstly based in London, UK, I’m regularly working with local design studios as well as international clients. From rising start-ups to globally established companies. Avid sketcher, I was sharing my experience and skills, working on Transportation & Mobility projects, Luxury Goods and Industrial Design projects. During that couple of years, I’ve learned to work at a fast pace and to manage my time to keep a regular workflow. I’ve worked on high end projects and expanded my knowledge about different design fields, applied my sense for shapes and colors to a broad range of projects. Always being orientated towards the functionality and the simplicity of the object. I’m now enjoying seeing some of these projects coming to life.

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