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I've worked in the Innovation and Environment department as a design intern. My main project was to design the BMW i8 luggage set, I was involved from the creative phase to the first part of the development and first mock-ups. I was also working on some «Objets Nomades»  (lamps, furnitures and small accessories) and some goodies or installation for events.

/ March 2012 - August 2012



Four-piece suitcase set is made entirely of lightweight, but robust, carbon fiber, like the i8. There is a business bag which perfectly fit the rear seat, a «sac marin», a Greenwich and a garment sleeve. I had the opportunity to be there from the start of the project, from the creative part to the begining of the development and mock-ups. I did a lot of sketches, roughs, renders, models, color & trim research, and had to collaborate with marketer, modeller, designer and craftsmen.

bmw sac greenwich copie.JPG
rendu i8 + bagages profil2018.JPG
BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio extended33 copie.

OBJETS NOMADES /  Bell Lamp & Bag Lamp


The Bell Lamp : solar powered, portable Murano glass lamp for Louis Vuitton’s Objet Nomades collection. Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for the new travel line «Objets Nomades». I have developped the design of the leather straps.

The Bag Lamp : designed by Thierry Gaugain for the new travel line «Objets Nomades». This low energy consuming Organic Light Emitting Diode disc transforms into a small mirror when not illuminated. I have developped the design of the leather strap and the engraving on metal.

BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio 2019_31.jpg

LUGGAGE STRAP /  Pininfarina Enjoy

Research on the strap and the base of Louis Vuitton Bellaix set on the trunk of the Enjoy.

BRAUN_Victor_Portfolio extended37.jpg
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