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RIDERPACK / Personal Project 2020

During the last 5 years, I’ve been commuting to work, cycling in different cities and across countryside. From that experience, I thought a few things would be mandatory to have if was to design backpack.

I wanted it to be practical with a large adjustable hold-all compartment that you can fold and maintain closed with stretch straps. There is a discrete and reinforced compartment behind that for a 15’ laptop. On one side, a pocket with a leather strip for a lock. On the other a pocket for an aluminium water bottle. The front of the bag has a large red light in shape of an arrow, for visibility but also to encourage car drivers to give more space when overtaking. The back of the bag is reinforced with foams for more confort, and shoulder straps with integrated lights, again for more visibility. To last longer, materials are thought to be waterproof and sustainable. Fabrics should resist to water and dirt as weather can be extremely variable. For more resistance, any zip or buckle should be in stainless steel, surrounded with waterproof seal. The inside is trimmed with a bicycle patterned fabric and some black leather is adding details to pockets. Also, if you’re taking a train or bus during your commute, it’s essential to have a little front zipped pocket for a book. At last, I've design pairs of winter and summer gloves to match the bag and help you indicate your direction while in traffic.


Thank you for reposting my project :

Inspirations /

Inspiration board.jpg

Sketches /

sketches 1.jpg
sketches 2.jpg
front closed.jpg
back 2.jpg
front open.jpg
Lining - inside fabric.jpg
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